Swiftwater Rescue Training (SRT-I) All course schedules currently under revision Рexpect a full schedule by March 1, 2019. Scroll down for all listings.

Designed¬†for river guides and non public service sector responders. This is the “must have” entry level course designed to give the students a high level of exposure in various river rescue situations. This course is highly recommended for anyone finding themselves spending time on or around moving water.

Dates Location Sponsor
03/22/19 - 03/24/19 Moab, UT OARS Canyonlands Register
03/25/19 - 03/27/19 Moab, UT OARS Canyonlands Register
04/26/19 - 04/28/19 Rock Springs, WY Western Wyoming C.C. Register
04/26/19 - 04/28/19 Steamboat Springs, CO Colorado Mountain College Register
04/26/19 - 04/28/19 North Bend, WA Triad River Tours Register
05/18/19 - 05/19/19 Jackson, WY Teton County Parks and Rec Register
06/29/19 - 06/30/19 Jackson, WY Teton County Parks and Rec Register

SRT-I Advanced Recertification

Dates Location Sponsor
04/23/19 - 04/24/19 North Bend, WA Triad River Tours Register

Swiftwater Rescue Training (SRT-I) NFPA

Meets 1670 & 1006 NFPA Standards. These courses are typically contract courses and delivered to sponsoring organizations. If you are uncertain of your training requirements, please inquire with your training director, or contact SSI for more information.

Dates Location Sponsor
04/22/19 - 04/26/19 Jackson, WY Navy Special Warfare Command Register

Packraft Specific Rescue Training (PSRT)

Based off of the SSI three day SRT-I curriculum, we’ve created a custom packraft specific training course. Emphasis is on self rescue and hazard avoidance while utilizing the packraft as a potential rescue craft.

Dates Location Sponsor
04/20/19 - 04/21/19 North Bend, WA - Snoqualmie River Triad River Tours Register
07/16/19 - 07/17/19 Crouch, ID American Packraft Association Register

Swiftwater Rescue Instructor Training

Dates Location Sponsor
04/01/19 - 04/06/19 Crouch, ID Swiftwater Safety Institute Register