Our Technical Rope Rescue course is designed to help rescue professionals meet the rescue training criteria under the framework of the NFPA to become “Swiftwater Technicians.” This 40 hour course takes the professional rescuer from the classroom on day one, to vertical pick-offs and evacuations by day five. This is a very intensive course designed to meet the needs of professional rescue agencies and emergency response teams. Theory and physics will be as much of this class as practical application.

Please contact SSI for a custom quote and consultation. We do not offer open enrollment rope rescue courses, but we do provide a custom training platform for rescue agencies wishing to enhance their technical rope rescue skills with an emphasis on vertical river rescue.

Learning Objectives

  • Emphasis on technical understanding of rigging safety
  • Understand common terminology
  • Create a safe working environment
  • Perform safe vertical rescues
  • Advanced level mechanical advantage rigging systems
  • Vertical ascending
  • Main line and belay line
  • High-lines vs low-lines
  • Vertical forces and safety factors
  • Determining fall factors
  • Safety factors
  • Rope construction and application
  • Vector forces
  • Internal angles
  • Angular vector forces
  • Deflective vector forces