This course is designed to both introduce novice boat operators and familiarize current boat operators in various techniques associated with technical boat operation and proper rescue techniques in moving water. Obstacle avoidance and basic boat maneuvering skills will be practiced in class I-II moving water, and we will progress to operating in faster water both upstream and downstream as further skills are learned and basic maneuvering skills mastered.

Course objectives include: rescue sequence, safety concerns, egress classifications, surface water classifications, boat and motor types, designs and boat specialties, crew functions, PPE, crew and boat equipment, parts and descriptions of boats, hydrology of moving water, underway navigation and signals, pre-launch and trailering.

In-water training objectives: driving skills, 90° turns underway, figure 8’s, quick stops, alongside rescues, throw lines to swimmers, strong swimmer from craft, deployed rope systems, strong swimmer/victim tow, paddle assist, capsize/recovery. A variety of these techniques will be developed over the length of this course and and employed in up to class III water requiring significant hazard avoidance and an understanding of craft response and team capability.

Prerequisites: SRT-I or equivalent

This course is designed for agencies wishing to deploy motorized rescue craft in search and rescue operations. This course is also customizable to meet the desired training goals of your agency.