Swiftwater Safety Institute utilizes several different training centers. We feel that is is important to train on bodies of water where your rescue team may respond. Our instructors can easily travel to your area and train on the water that you may be called upon to respond to. We design the training that fits your needs, and we take into account your current rescue response model and tailor a course designed to maximize your training.

SSI is comprised of a group of professional instructors located thorughout the western U.S. including Alaska, Australia, Nepal, New Zealand and Chile. We routinely travel to various training sites, and are able to tailor a custom training platform based on your needs. We simlify the process. We are the evolution of technical surface water training.

There is no training too large or too small. Please contact SSI to let us know what level of training you are in need of. All custom trainings will require a group of ten or more students to facilitate SSI instructor travel.

What we can provide

  • A custom curriculum that meets the needs of your agency or group
  • NFPA compliant training and custom quotes for combo courses
  • Consultation on your desired level of training
  • Course site permits and travel logistics
  • We can arrange transportation and lodging if so desired

Groups that we commonly work with

  • Search and Rescue / Mountain Rescue
  • Fire / EMS
  • Military Special Operations
  • BLM / USFS / NPS
  • Fishing, rafting, and other commercial tour companies
  • Private groups of recreational river users